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Cutting Tools

Morse Cutting Tolls

Morse Inventories over 25,000 varieties of cutting tools to serve our nation's marketplace. Imagination, technological innovation and insistence on quality are built into every Morse product. And at Morse, our people wouldn't have it any other way.

M.K. Morse

At The M. K. Morse Company we are constantly looking for ways to build even more durability into our blades. The result is a collection of high value blades that top the charts in performance and quality. These blades are used by industrial, construction, and demolition companies worldwide.

A manufacturer and marketer of superior carbide cutting tools for more than 50 years, Freud leads the industry in innovative manufacturing, precision products and quality service. Freud's product selection includes diamond-sharp saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, planer knives and power tools.

Severance Tool Industries is a proud producer of America's finest, specialty high speed steel and carbide (solid and tipped) cutting tools. We supply our cutting tools throughout the United States and other countries including Mexico, Canada, Europe and Japan.

KAR Industrial

KAR Industrial is recognized as a leading supplier of machine tool accessories, cutting tools and manufacturing related supplies in the Metal Working Industry.  KAR has positioned itself as a master distributor serving distribution throughout Canada.

Specializing in four basic areas - cutting tools, precision tools, abrasives and machine tool accessories - Sowa represents a large number of companies known worldwide. Products are distributed via various distributors across North America from warehouses in Edmonton, Alta., Illinois, California, and Ohio and locally from the head office in Kitchener.

John Jaconi, President of ICS Cutting Tools, started his manufacturing business in 1980. With a background in industrial engineering, he did his own sales, manufacturing and distribution. ICS Cutting Tools manufactures custom and standard drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers and cutting tools.

Founded in 1958, Craig Tools, Inc. is a supplier of rotary cutting tools to the manufacturing industry throughout the world. Our focus is on the airframe industry while also serving the automotive, machine tool, hydraulic valve, and machine shop environments.

Since 1950, Wetmore Cutting tools has provided manufacturers with special cutting tools that have set high standards for the industry, especially in porting tools for automotive and military applications. Our tools are known for precision, balance and serviceability. Wetmore is known as a "can-do" company that can meet the most stringent needs of manufacturers.

Hewitt Tool Engineering Inc

Our equipment has been chosen from the most reputable Swiss, German and North American machine tool manufacturers.  Many of our machines have been specially engineered for precision manufacturing and inspection of cutting tools. This machinery combined with the talent of a highly skilled work force with over 50 years of cutting tool experience. Specializing in Reamers, Drills, Countersinks, Counterbores, carbide tipped tooling, threaded shank tooling,  and their derivatives. The dedication and pride in workmanship of our team assures the highest quality standards are met or exceeded.


Rocky Mountain Twist Drill

Jore Corporation / Rocky Mountain Twist is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative power tool accessories and hand tools for the do-it-yourself and professional craftsman markets. Jore offers a comprehensive system of proprietary drilling and driving products that save users time through enhanced functionality, productivity and ease of use.

IRWIN TOOLS manufactures and distributes professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories worldwide for trade professionals who demand superior performance and durability on the job. IRWIN TOOLS' brand portfolio features user-preferred category leaders such as IRWIN®, Vise-Grip®, Marathon®, Quick-Grip®, Speedbor®, Strait-Line®, Marples®, Unibit®, and Hanson®.

Since 1945, Starlite ® Industries in Rosemont, PA, has been manufacturing diamond and carbide rotary tools designed to drill, mill, and cut fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs), composites, and other highly-abrasive materials.  The actual material to be cut or the amount of machining to be done will dictate the type or design of the tooling to best accomplish the task at hand.

Ace Drill Corporation

The Ace Drill Corporation in Adrian, Michigan was established in 1933 and originated the “ground-from-the-solid” process of manufacturing drills. The objective was to create the highest quality cutting tools for the lowest possible cost. Continuing improvements in Ace machinery and production techniques have made it possible to produce drills possessing consistently greater uniformity of hardness, superior toughness and strength, higher resistance to wear and breakage, plus optimum cutting ability.

Hougen Manufacturing

For over 50 years Hougen has been the world leader in portable magnetic drills and annular cutters. Hougen proudly manufactures all of our magnetic drills, Rotabroach Cutters and most of our other products in Michigan. Customers who demand reliability and performance from their tools choose Hougen. From engineering, to manufacturing, to customer service, Hougen produces the best product in the market.


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