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Packers Kromer by Bunzl

Look to Packers to supply your balancer needs for your manufacturing, assembly and workstations. From lightweight to heavy duty, you can find the correct balancer for your static load application in the Packers Kromer series.

Air Line Products

Eleven years of constant growth coupled with our continuous quest to search out and source innovative products has made AirMax the leading pneumatic expertise center in Canada. Our program aims to be the most complete pneumatic product selection in the country in order to offer our customers the benefits of having only one source for all of its needs.



ROCOL is part of ITW, a multi-national US owned, Fortune 200 company. We develop, manufacture and market technically advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems to industries worldwide. ROCOL was founded upon the work of Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine, born in Russia, who took a degree in chemistry at the University of Moscow in 1854.



Orelube Corporation

Since 1958, The Orelube Corporation has manufactured and marketed Specialty Lubricating Oils & Greases for Industrial applications worldwide. Orelube produces fully formulated modern lubricating oils and greases from synthetic base fluids and highly refined and hydrocracked paraffin base oils blended with chemical and metallic additive.

ND Industries

Founded in 1955 as the Nylok-Detroit Corporation, ND Industries develops and supplies high quality fastener coating products and services to a wide variety of industries. ND has processing centers strategically located across the United States, additional facilities in China and Taiwan, and licensees throughout the world. Vibra-Tite, the bottled products division of ND Industries, sells a wide variety of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants to the industrial and retail markets.


LEM ,INC. has been manufacturing ENGINEERED THREADED BLIND RIVET NUT FASTENER installation tools for over 60 years. Throughout these 60 years our tools have maintained the highest quality and workmanship.They are considered the "Cadillacs" of the tools within the industry


LEM Rivnut


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